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      • 業務專欄
      • 服務英語
      Lesson 2 › 處理退貨的事


      S= Salesperson(售貨員) C= Customer(顧客)

      The customer has just picked out a shirt and a pair of pants and the salesperson is gift-wrapping them for him.


      C: What is your policy on returns?


      S: If you bring them back with your receipt within seven days, you'll get a full refund. Also, if you need alterations to the pants, just bring them in and we'll do them for free.


      C: Sounds good.


      S: That'll be $70, please. Will you be paying by cash or charge?


      C: Charge. Here's my card.


      S: Okay, sir, here you are. Thank you very much.



      1.pick out… 挑選……

      例:Tracy went to the department store to pick out some gifts for her friends. (特蕾西到百貨公司為她朋友挑選一些禮物。)

      2.bring sth back 帶回某物= bring back something

      例:Mr. Wilson made a business trip to. Europe and brought back some souvenirs for his children. (威爾森先生到歐洲出差,并為他的孩子帶回一些紀念品。)

      3. receipt n.收據

      4.refund n.退款

      5.alteration n. 修改;改變

      alter vt. 修改(衣服,房屋等);改變(形狀,外貌等) make an alteration to sth 修改/變更某物 例:Because of his spy's report, the general made several alterations to his battle plan. (由于情報人員的報告,那位將軍把作戰計劃做了幾項修正。) Your skirt should be altered; it's too long. (你的裙子應該改一改,它太長了。)

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